Monday, April 26, 2010

free bird

Kamran a free bird
Go rise higher like a free bird
Go higher higher till you reach the sky
Join the other birds go higher together
rise a little higher to conquer the mountain
If you glance down you see the ocean
If you look up you see the blue sky
Go further higher to swim in the white clouds
If you pass the clouds you see the stars
Rise a little higher to reach the moon
Land on the moon with the other free birds
You have gone far enough to dance with the angels
Don't stay on the moon you can still go higher.
Go higher higher, go higher higher
Go higher higher, go higher higher

1 comment:

Malihe (Zahra) said...

Mahnaz jan, your beautiful poems which come from your broken heart really burn my heart and being.
Love you, Malihe