Sunday, May 16, 2010

memory of Kamran

These days not much come to my mind but the memory of Kamran.
Kamran, if you are missed among us,
it's because of your selflessness spirit and giving heart.
Kamran, if you are gone still signs of your goodness exist among us.
Your charming smile, your way of unity, your humanity captured our heart.
Your way of easing everybody's sadness and strengthen our heart still exist among us.
Kamran, i learn from you to have a purpose in life.
To learn from my mistake and grow from my failure.
Kamran you were the greatest in heart and purest in spirit.
I always remember you as an angel with no wings.
Love you for ever:Momy

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Shaur Usmani said...

Memories of Kamran

Sometime in life you meet some people that you never forget. It is either due to his/her personality or that person’s good behavior. Sometime a youngster teaches you some good lessons in life that brightens your personality. You always remember that person even you are far away from that person and you haven’t met the same person many years.

Kamran was one of those persons, who added many good qualities and values not only to his family members but also to his friends and elders. I knew Kamran from 1997 through 2000 but during this time I found him a very responsible, loving and caring person. Even though he was only teenager but he had the wisdom and understanding of thirty years old. He was a nice, quite person. He always respected me and use to get angry even if his younger brother (Ashkan) or older brother (Bobak) use to argue with me (rarely). Most of the time he use to smile on a joke gradually. Once in a while I saw him laughing and he couldn’t stop laughing even when he wanted to stop.

People who did this to Kamran, God will never forgive them. There is a saying if your enemy is stronger and bigger in number then you, don’t take revenge and leave everything in the hands of God. Let see what is the verdict of God for those individuals who beat Kamran to almost dead. Due to those injuries he lost his long term memories and later on due to those injuries, he passed away.

I am going to miss Kamran because these days God is not making very many kids like Kamran. I know he is somewhere in much more better place. May God give his family power to bear this tragic incident and shower his mercy on Kamran.