Sunday, October 3, 2010

Are these Americas' young role models?

Our children’s role models
Are you kidding me? Are Snooki, lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan, are today’s teens and young role model? I was sadly surprised to see that American young’s role models are the ones who show more skin, do more drugs, do more crazy things, are more trashy and are complettely out of control. Why do you think these trashy drug users come at the top of the list of most-searched-for people on the internet? It’s because most of the young look at them as a role model. Media has given these people too much power and attention and have forggoten about the real role models. Why give the attentin to the ones who don’t deserve it. 90 percent of shows on T.V are trashy. How do you think our children turn out to be by watching them? Children don’t know, their mind is fresh, they just want to be famous and get more attention and money and the media has a huge role of encouraging them. That’s why they follow whatever they see and hear, that’s why they follow these people’s trashy footsteps. This is the reason that America is falling apart. These children are going to be the future of America. You read more about this huge problem in my new book, Is America Falling Apart?

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