Monday, September 27, 2010

Everything at public shools sucks.

Everything about the public schools sucks.27Sep10
Everything about the public schools sucks. This is the most serious massage that the America will fall apart. Are these kids at public schools today are the future of this country? The schools has become the most terrifying place for the parents. Anything bad that our kids not aware of they learn it at school. Most of the teachers don’t care about their job, they just want a check. The educational job means a bussiness for them. The food they feed our kids at schools sucks. The way students dress up for school sucks. The fighting and bullying going on in American schools sucks. Unfourtunately, the school zone in America has become a danger to, or a war zone for our children. Right now, the real reason most of our children go to school is for fashion, drugs, romance, and bullying. Who is the Secretary of Education? Who are the principles, who and where are the schools law makers? And where are the parents to do something before it’s too late.

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